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What I do

My Services

Half day (3 hours max) or full day (6 hours max) guided tours in all the towns and cities of Umbria, with the possibility of my accompanying you by coach.

Half day (3 hours max) or full day (6 hours max) guided tours in the Tuscan provinces of Siena and Arezzo.
Consultancy and tour organization.Entrance ticket reservations with booking fee.

In the summer and the winter, I organize tours on set dates in the Trasimeno area, Perugia and Cortona for a minimum number of participants (usually 10).

My Clients

Tours are aimed at:

- School children and teenagers: in which case, I recommend, in Umbria, ferry trips to the islands of Lake Trasimeno; a stop at Città della Domenica, Italy’s first amusement park, built in the 1950’s by Luisa Spagnoli; entrance to the main museums in the region, and active workshops, such as ceramics in Assisi and Deruta, the traditional craft shops of the Gaite (the four ancient districts) in Bevagna, lace on Isola Maggiore, one of the Lake Trasimeno islands
- Adults: taking advantage of all the transport services that each city offers, in order to make walking tours as easy as possible: the escalators in Perugia and Cascia; the public lifts in Gubbio and Todi, the funicular railway in Orvieto.
- Individuals: personalised routes as well as the classics

My Tours

"De gustibus non dispuntandum est" so said the Latins, so I propose various types of visits/tours:

- Visits to cities of art, paying particular attention to the local history and art, and with optional entrance to museums.
- Visits to places of pilgrimage, with particular regard for the lives and the remaining traces of the Saints who lived there.
- Visits to wine cellars or oil mills, where the various production stages are explained, and where it is possible to have meals.
- Visits to traditional workshops, where it is possible to create your own handicrafts.
- Naturalistic style tours, paying particular attention to the local flora and fauna.