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I introduce myself

Umbria Tourist Guide

Hello everybody! My name is Cristiana and I have been a professional tour guide in UMBRIA, the region in which I live, for the last ten years, working in Italian and in English.
I have been privileged enough to turn two of my passions, art and travel, into a job.
I strongly believe that everyone is born with a particular aptitude. Lucky are those who realise what it is.
Mine, I think, is KNOWING HOW TO PUT THINGS ACROSS TO OTHER PEOPLE; how to draw them into the magic of nature and art; how to thrill them with the history and the old folktales of my home; how to make them want to return, to discover new places, or to find out more about a town or city they very much like.A guide, in the flesh, is able to optimize the time you have available; to tell you anecdotes that you will not find in any guidebook; to give you precious advice and keep you away from pointless distractions; to make your holiday unforgettable.
Please do contact me at the organizational stage, so as to plan an intelligent and relaxing holiday, without running the risk of finding yourself on a tour de force and going home more tired than you were before you left.Put your trust in a guide’s experience: in her knowledge of the region, especially as regards mileage distances, timings for getting from one place to another and the feasibility of guided tours.
I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you, in my beloved UMBRIA.

Cristiana Corbelli

Contributions for Rai television

By clicking on these links, you can see a couple of my video contributions for RAI Television, taking a closer look at the beauties of Umbria.

From minute 3:38 to 4:45, you will find my contribution about Perugia (the part dedicated entirely to Perugia runs from minute 3:38 to 7:54).

In this video, on the other hand, you will find a discussion about the Trasimeno (from 3:25 to 7:30).